Crusader Special on Monday & New Upload Schedule

Hello everyone!

On Monday (April 22nd) I’ll upload three “Crusader: No Remorse” episodes in one go, concluding that LP. So, if you wanna know how it all ends, make sure to tune in on Monday! 😉

Tomorrow (Sunday, April 21st) will see the conclusion of “Wizardry VI”, and I’ve decided to change my upload schedule afterwards: With the exception of next Monday, the schedule’s going to be:

Monday: Resting day 🙂

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: A game about a dead guy, a sarcastic skull and a puritan succubus.

Wednesday, Friday, Sunday: “X-COM UFO Enemy Unknown”, and, as soon as that’s completed: A fantasy RPG game about Spaceship Terra.


So long, folks! See you out there!


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